Secure-Point Academy

Over the years, we have developed robust training program for security operatives that will meet the needs of Residential Estates, event centres, sites and Close Protection Officers(CPOs) for VIPs in Nigeria. Hence, the need for an academy/training centre for the company.

Secure-Point consistently maintains a large pool of qualified security guards and so we possess the capability of scheduling security personnel as needed to handle variety of situations.

It is mandatory for all personnel to be proficient in the following areas:

Our concierge officers are trained in building awareness (maintenance and facilities management) and will provide a point of contact for directions and information, making a first impression for your business that lasts.

Our concierge and customer service offering includes:

  • General Procedures

  • Discrete Intelligence gathering/operations

  • Access control Management

  • Traffic Management

  • Crowd control and management

  • Administering First Aid

  • Reporting and Communication

  • Fire Fighting

  • Electronic Security

Ojuolape House: Plot 9, Block C Central Business District, Alausa,
Ikeja Lagos.
Phone: (234) 8026884940
Fax: (123) 4567 890 22

About us

We are Secure-Point Security Solutions Ltd, to carry on the business of a security firm and to provide for the physical protection of persons and property.

Main Office
Ojuolape House: Plot 9, Block C, Central Business District Alausa,
Ikeja Lagos.
Phone: (234) 8110505670

Working Hours

Our support team available to help you 24/7 a day

  1. Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm
  2. Saturday: 10am to 2pm
  3. Sunday: Closed
  4. Help Desk: Open 24/7