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Video Surveillance

Statistics indicates that one of the best deterrents to would-be intruders and vandalists, is the presence of a stationed guard.

At Secure-Point, our guards are anything but present in the area of deployment. They are actively vigilant, proactive and remain in a state of alertness throughout their shift.

Commercial Properties

Training & Certification

We train and Certify in collaboration with the International Security Association (ISA)- Switzerland, Internation Security Organization (ISO-SEC)- Switzerland, Professional Security Academy (PSA) United Kingdom and other reputable foreign security bodies. Our Certificates are globally accepted as ISO-SEC Switzerland is the awarding body. ISO-SEC is United Nations Approved vendor for Higher Education and Training in Security, Safety and Intelligence. It is also the Training arm of Kingston Group Switzerland as such, we adhere strictly to global standards and practices.

Key Duties includes:

Real Estate

Customer Service Pillar

Our concierge officers are trained in building awareness (maintenance and facilities management) and will provide a point of contact for directions and information, making a first impression for your business that lasts.

Our concierge and customer service offering includes:

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Commercial Properties

Sky Tail Tower

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