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Vacant Position

We have a very fantastic working environment, a place where you can both develop your skills as well as build a career.

We recruit young school Cert Holders, experienced Security Officers, retired Military and para-military personnel's for training.

1. Are you new to Secure-Point Security Solution Ltd?

Secure-Point is one of the dozens of a new breed of private military security companies that sprung up in the year 2006 in Nigeria. Retired Military officers and trained intelligence officers founded it in 2007 as the the a Private Limited Liability company. The company started business immediately and showed from inception that it was poised to revolutionize security services in the country, which has resulted in making us a firm security services provider in the nation.

Having been efficient in operation this long, we have been able to attract and retain number of clients, some of whom are retained from inception till date. We have acquired vast experience in virtually all facets of security and protection of lives and property.

2. Do you want to look at the available vacancies?

We are offer Below the Vacant Position

3. What are the criteria for being called for an interview?

Criteria of every position are specifically mentioned on the advertisement through the following step:

  • Merits
  • Role Profile
  • Certifications
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Additional Skill Requirements

4. Do you want to apply to a vacancy?

Mail To recruitment@sekurepointsecurity.com the following:

Complete CV, highlighting your interest area, achievements (if any), experience and extracurricular activities (if any),passport photograph, two guarantors and a cover letter in the email body explaining your area of interest at Secure-Point Security Solution Ltd.

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Internship Opportunities

  • Internship program is not a 'good to have thing'
  • For us a prime basis of talent sourcing
  • For you it will be a true corporate orientation
Ojuolape House: Plot 9, Block C, Central Business District, Alausa,
Ikeja Lagos.
Phone: (234) 8026884940
Email: info@sekurepointsecurity.com

About us

We are Secure-Point Security Solutions Ltd, to carry on the business of a security firm and to provide for the physical protection of persons and property.

Main Office
Ojuolape House: Plot 9, Block C, Central Business District Alausa,
Ikeja Lagos.
Phone: (234) 8110505670
Email: info@securepoint.com.ng

Working Hours

Our support team available to help you 24/7 a day

  1. Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm
  2. Saturday: 10am to 2pm
  3. Sunday: Closed
  4. Help Desk: Open 24/7