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Our Story

Secure-Point is one of the dozens of a new breed of private military security companies that sprung up in the year 2006 in Nigeria. Retired Military officers and trained intelligence officers founded it in 2007 as a Private Limited Liability company. The company started business immediately and showed from inception that it was poised to revolutionize security services in the country, which has resulted in making us a firm security services provider in the nation.

Having been efficient in operation this long, we have been able to attract and retain a number of clients, some of whom are retain from inception till date. We have acquired vast experience in virtually all facets of security and protection of lives and property.

Secure-point Security belongs to several professional associations’ furtherance to our quest for professional excellence. 

These Associations include:

Due to rapid growth in the demand for security services, quality has diminished for a number of reasons. For example: inadequate staff resources, poor reward recognition structure and probably the most important contributing factor being that security services have not moved with the times and reviewed the standards of the products that it delivers.

To stand still within this industry is to effectively go backwards. This is where Secure-Point Security Solutions are intent on taking the necessary positive steps forward regarding the lead in the provision of a high quality, professional service, capable of making a significant impact within the industry of security services provision.

Our Vision & Mission

We are Secure-Point Security Solutions Ltd, to carry on the business of a security firm and to provide for the physical protection of persons and property. To supply any person or persons (corporate or incorporated) with ideas, plans, strategy, advice, information and all assistance required to meet security imperatives.


To be a professional security leader in the industry, by exceeding our customers’ expectations.


To deliver high quality professional security services and solutions based on trust and confidence.

Our Core Values

Having been efficient in operation this long, we have been able to attract and retained a number of clients, some of whom are retained from inception till date. We have acquired vast experience in virtually all facets of security and protection of lives and property.


In partnership with our clients and customers, we strive to provide responsive, effective, and quality service through teamwork, problem solving, and personal accountability. We aim to create an environment that instills professionalism, integrity, empathy, a high standard of ethical behaviour, and the highest professional commitment to our clients.


We are committed to maintaining the trust of our clients, customers and the community through honest, moral, and ethical behavior that is above reproach.


We are committed to respecting the individual rights, human dignity, and the values of every person.







What We Offer

Our success is rooted in our employee-oriented focus, our promise of excellence to our customers and a sustained commitment to innovation in the field of security solutions. Secure-Point focus on the following:

Major Security Services

We engage in site and facility security, logistic security, house hold security, executive close protection and VIP pick up, 24/7 operational monitoring technical security, tracking and locating, event security management, outsourcing, physical security solutions, background checks and vetting, Protocol and escort, guard manning.

We Train

We train, equip, provide and supply security guards and security personnel.

We Breed and Train

We train, equip, provide and supply We also breed, raise, train, supply and deal in guard dogs, watch dogs, sniffers, hunting dogs, attack dogs and animals required for security or other purposes and to deal in animal supply.

Security Management System

We plan, devise, produce, install, set up, establish, maintain, use and sell of security systems, whether or not in relation to fixed property and to deal in telecommunication systems and equipment.

We Supply

We supply and deal in (or manufacture) alarms, security lights, anti-burglary devices, fire detectors, surveillance equipment, and security equipment.
We also equip, maintain, supply and deal in security vehicles, to carry on business as proprietors and managers of safe deposit, depositories and repositories.

Accidental or Conducive Service

We do all such and other things as maybe considered being accidental or conducive to the attainment of the other five offerings or any of them.

Our Expert Team

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Emmanuel Nwabuokei

General Manager

Benson Dianabasi

Head, Human Resource & Administration

Princewill Dabotubo

General Operations Coordinator

Bamidele Bello


Nnamdi Ikejiaku

Head, Academy

We Provide Top Notch Services In The Security Industry​​

Let us take care of your security needs.