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Our Services

Secure-Point provides integrated security services to enable private and corporate business. We can work with you in any environment and situation to plan, design or implement a comprehensive and cost-effective security risk management strategy or manage your security need to prevent loss/protect your assets. Services we offer are;

Meticulous Planning​

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Completion On Time​

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Perfect Execution​

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Affordable Prices​

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Our Specialization

Services we offer are;

Quick Response

24 hour guard and mobile patrol service with marked vehicles.

Officer And Guard

Provision of actively vigilant and proactive guards.

General Security Consultancy

Provided by established professionals with field experience.

Customer Service

Delivered by trained concierge & customer service officers.

Electronic Surveillance

Our Security cameras can help protect your home or business


World class training courses for security officers and experts.

Executive Protection

Our Executive Protection and Close Protection services are rendered with the highest standards. We meticulously select our close protection team from a pool of experienced professionals that are members of the World Bodyguards Association to mitigate security risks related to people based on their social status, employment, net worth, association, geographical location or commitments.

Real Estate


We train and Certify in collaboration with the International Security Association (ISA)- Switzerland, Internation Security Organization (ISO-SEC)- Switzerland, Professional Security Academy (PSA) United Kingdom and other reputable foreign security bodies. Our Certificates are globally accepted as ISO-SEC Switzerland is the awarding body. ISO-SEC is United Nations Approved vendor for Higher Education and Training in Security, Safety and Intelligence. It is also the Training arm of Kingston Group Switzerland as such, we adhere strictly to global standards and practices.

Commercial Properties

Journey Management

We plan, execute, and close-out necessary land transport journeys in compliance with all Health Safety Security and Environment requirements.

Real Estate

Man Guarding

We deploy trained, vetted, professional and trustworthy static uniformed security officers to protect customer asset against unauthorized access or damage. All officers undergo the mandatory 40 hours effective standard training with practical skills to deter, detect, delay, deny criminal activities and to respond to emergencies in:

Commercial Properties

Event Security

We handle event security with professionalism as our mantra in the industry. We exceed our limits to make your events a success with our highly experienced staff. Their core expertise in the field of security is brought to bear in all occasions we cover. Our event security management is in accordance with acceptable standards and our team comprises of highly trained men and women with high sense of responsibility.

Real Estate

Risk Assessment

We have an outstanding team of professionals that are highly experienced in threat analysis and risk assessment. Our Risk mitigation and amelioration services are geared towards our clients’ need to enhance businesses or other personal endeavours.
We also cover aspects relating to country risk analysis to give adequate guidance as regards security and safety.

Commercial Properties

Vehicle Reinforcement

We are glad to introduce to you our Hi-Tech security laminate, from Defense Concept. This is the most advanced security laminate that converts existing glass into the highest level of resistance for vehicles, buildings, and flat glass worldwide. It is an extremely high quality and resilient smash and grab security laminate rated as one of the strongest security films globally. It offers maximum glass protection through its certified impact resistance properties.

Real Estate

Security Consultancy

Our team of certified security consultants help your organization conduct and implement security measures. They analyze security systems, study potential breaches, and supervise the implementation of solutions.

Commercial Properties

Information Security

The world is information driven and we provide strategies that prevents unauthorized access to organizational assets such as computers, networks and data in order to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and security of classified information.

Real Estate

Private Investigation

Our professional private investigators work with organizations and individuals to recover assets or prevent loss. We engage in risk assessment, due diligence, vetting/background checks, witness interviewing, evidence collection and undercover/surveillance activities.

Commercial Properties

Sales Of Security Gadget

We procure and install all security technology and gadgets for interested clients. Our equipment are sourced from Europe, America and Israel for best quality.

We Provide Top Notch Services In The Security Industry​​

Let us take care of your security needs.

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